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Various Presentations

You may need these fonts to see some of these presentations properly:
MacOS Version (font suitcases) or Windows Version (TrueType).


Rendezvous - a DIY VPN (or: how to profit from mobile access to office data)

I gave this PowerPoint presentation to the BCS Wireless IT Specialist Group in London on 6th May 2004.

Web Services Security - ready for wireless?

I gave this PowerPoint presentation at the LogOn Technology Transfer Storage Days Europe in Birmingham on 13th May 2003.

Introduction to the Wireless Internet

I presented an abridged version of this PowerPoint slide show at the seminar programme accompanying CommunicAsia 2001 in Singapore.

Application-Level Active Networks

The following PowerPoint slide-set is an internal technology briefing to the department in which I was working in June 2001.


Open Source: the Whys and Wherefores

I gave this HTML presentation to the North London branch of the British Computer Society in May 2000. Naturally I wanted to use a Linux laptop running an open-source presentation program, to show how feasible the solution was. Unfortunately the only presentation medium I was able to find was either Star Office or Mozilla, and since the machine came with just 16MB of RAM I had to choose the latter. Even then it ran VERY slowly, so I don't think I managed to convince many of my audience! (Speaker's Notes here – ignore the URL given at the end of the presentation, because it is no longer valid).

Partnering for Fun and Profit

I had to present my take on the rationale for linking up with partner companies to qualify for a job once – guess where?

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