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Use-Case Template for Microsoft Word

Alistair Cockburn's book Writing Effective Use Cases describes a very effective way (I have found) of documenting use cases. I developed the attached document template and symbol library to let me create use case documentation in the same format and with a look and feel that closely resembles the examples in the book. You are welcome to reuse them. You may prefer the symbol library that has since appeared on Alistair's own site.

AgPatchd – a Rendezvous Server

Description of program

There are clear economies to be achieved by equipping knowledge workers with mobile access to enterprise applications, such as e-mail, scheduling, contacts and intranet Web servers. Access to ERP, CRM and custom applications may follow. The return on investment (ROI) to be expected is most clearly demonstrated in a user trial lasting at least a few weeks. However, trialling such mobile access can involve a considerable investment in infrastructure and also require the enterprise concerned to modify its security policies, which puts considerable obstacles in the way of the technology trailblazers in any company. They cannot just go out and buy a mobile device and connect it to their enterprise network. Consequently the sale of mobile services to enterprise users is more difficult than it should be.

The solution this application provides requires the triallist merely to download a small piece of software to their personal computer or workstation, and leave the machine running while out of the office. It doesn't conflict with any security policies, yet it works through enterprise firewalls and web proxy servers.

Server part

  • Solaris daemon
  • Linux (i386) daemon: Binary RPM (marked "Athlon", but in practice it works on any i386 system), Source RPM (needed for the perl scripts, which you must configure)
  • Source and Makefile (and KDevelop project files) for any Unix/Linux system (tarball and cppunit tests). I intend to put this on Sourceforge before too long.

Office Client part

Other things you might need

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