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Object-Oriented CGI Scripting with Perl

I wrote this little item for the BCS OOPS Newsletter in April 1997. It is still, as far as I am aware, quite relevant today. Sample code is available on request.

Linking C to C++

I cannot remember why I wrote this article in 1991. It may have appeared in the C++ Report.

Smalltalk-like Message Passing in C++

Re-reading this article of 1990, it strikes me that I invented some elements of the exception handling and threading mechanisms for C++ before they appeared in the language. There might be some useful techniques here for today's developers. Anyone care to convert this into a pattern?

State Machines in C++

I wrote this article for the C++ Report in 1990 (actually, the article published in January 1991 was slightly abridged). It was based on an earlier unpublished piece by my then colleague Bill Birch, and for some reason it has been cited in a number of other places, which is why I occasionally still get requests for copies. Bill came up with a neat idea for making states in a state machine subclasses of an abstract state, which has the job of accepting events.

Stop Press 10th November 2004: I have just discovered this article by Robert Martin, describing an improved implementation of the FSM mechanism and even offering a FSM-table compiler that writes the C++ code for you!

OpenType and Unicode

This article (which is in Adobe Acrobat format) appeared in issue no. 2 (2002) of Die deutsche Schrift, the journal of the Bund für deutsche Schrift und Sprache (Association for German Calligraphy, Printing and Language). It attempts to explain how certain ligatures and symbols, which are peculiar to German text written in black-letter typefaces, are represented using these systems.


The Universe as an Onion

This article originally appeared in Black Hole, the magazine of the Science Fiction Society at Leeds University.

Ein Denkanstoß – Friedensforschung

I wrote this essay in July 1999 as my contribution to the "Festschrift" (celebration book) that my siblings assembled for my father's 70th birthday. Written in German, it outlines my idea for a new kind of politics that is neither capitalism nor socialism, yet based on a fair and equitable distribution of resources.

Of course, like all utopian notions, it will never happen.

Letter from KL

I started this travelogue during a two-week business trip (read the article to find where!) but it was never finished due to lack of time. You'll just have to make do with the section headings for the later bits – even I cannot remember what I was intending to write there.

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